Iceland, Part One: Our Honeymoon in the Land of the Vikings.

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I have always been one of those who would take a city trip over a nature getaway. Especially when it comes to Europe. Maybe it’s because I come from Turkey; the architecture, the history, the streets, little shops and people -even the countless bikes taking over the streets- just calls me for a city venture.

That’s why when my husband -then fiancé- suggested Iceland for our honeymoon, I was skeptical. First of all; I didn’t know that much about Iceland, secondly do I really want to go to a place that starts with ‘ice’ for our honeymoon in November? Umm I think I’ll pass… Oh on a side note, did I mention the fact that my clumsiness simply prevents me from doing anything remotely adventurous because deep down I know it’s only a matter of time for me to break a leg or an arm?

Anyway, after some serious research and consideration I agreed mainly for the day that we will do dog sledding which also involves us spending time with the dogs and petting them (I mean, who can blame me?).

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Þingvellir National Park

The day after the wedding, we hopped onto our flight to Reykjavik from Amsterdam and then it was time for our grand road trip. After arriving to our hotel, the first night was quite uneventful if you can look over the fact that the Northern Lights were on full swing and we slept through the whole thing. Thinking that we still have thirteen more days ahead of us, we didn’t mind this little incident (turns out that was our only chance).

Next morning, as soon as we hit the road, that was it. I was hooked. Iceland surely does not look like anywhere I have ever been before. The vast emptiness before us filled with nature, mountains, dark clouds, and glaciers in the horizon were mesmerising. The rawness of our surroundings made things even better. Because we picked the beginning of the low season, every spot we visited was calm. How can I ask for more?

The Golden Circle with its geysers, volcanic craters and waterfalls was a unique experience that even me, a city girl who would take pavements over dirt roads any day, was sure that I would have to come back to this country in the future.

Our days mostly consisted on hikes, drives, early nights in and early mornings out. Most of the hotels have either saunas or hot spring pools so who can complain about spending the night in when you have that right outside your door!

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Skogafoss Waterfall

While planning; mainly because we had only two weeks and with the Icelandic winter on the way, Northern parts of the country was not the place for the nordic newbies like ourselves, so we have decided to keep our trip mostly on the South. As much as South never ceased to amaze us; from what we heard and read, the beauty of Highlands is a whole another level. Bigger waterfalls, more epic untouched scenery, even more moonlike lava fields and whales strutting all along the bay? How could that be? For now, South would had to do and was absolutely doing fine!


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Somewhere after the Skogafoss Waterfall

Liked our little nordic adventure so far? Then, don’t forget to get some more at Iceland, Part Two!



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